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Sat 26 May - Sun 30 Sept
Normal zoo opening hours
Near the Wildlife Connections hub
Zoo admission applies

Take a wander down Insect Avenue and see the mini and diverse wild worlds of some of the UK’s smallest residents!

These huge invertebrate hotels will showcase the many different habitats some of our favourite little critters need and how the ‘guests’ of these mansions will change throughout the seasons.

Take a wander along Insect Avenue to find our three bug hotels…

With a number of different room types, facilities and local amenities, these bug hotels will be a great attraction for a wide range of guests – whether they’re looking for overnight accommodation, shelter from the wet weather or hibernating throughout winter.  From woodlice and worms wanting to get cosy in the dark and damp lower floors, right through to the penthouse suite which has small spaces ideal for bumblebees to start a family.

The pods highlight just how amazing all insects are and the important roles they play.  Observe the tiny worlds of the many different and important insects we have in the UK and discover new facts along the way. Without them we wouldn’t be able to survive.

Logs, twigs, bricks and plant pots all make excellent accommodation for minibeasts!

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