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We’ve put the spotlight on some of the zoo’s most intriguing trees species!  Discover a series of installations that explore the wonderful worlds of incredible trees.  And let nature feed your senses!

Discover the sounds, smells and sights of trees that you’ve never noticed before…

We’re rolling out the red carpet for a selection of our most treasured trees at the zoo.  Highlighting their beauty and how it comes in all shapes, sizes and colours!  We can’t live without trees but quite often they’re ignored, almost taken for granted.  We want to try and cure this ‘plant blindness’ by drawing attention to their amazing features and what makes them so INCREDIBLE!

Look at trees from a whole new angle.

Did you know an oak tree can feed more species of insect than any other tree?  It also provides habitat for 30 species of bird and over 300 species of lichen!

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