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Saturday 26 May
11am, 1pm & 3.30pm
Madagascar PLAY!
Zoo admission applies

Fly straight into the beauty, grace and quirks of flamingo life with this mesmerising dance performance!

Inspired by the flamboyant animal and their incredible senses and behaviour this piece of dance draws on the simplicities and complexities of what the world of a flamingo looks like.  Watch as the dancers take you on a journey – observe them portraying some of the key behaviours of a flamingo, including wading in water, courtships, mating dances and relationships with others in the flock.

Our friends, Cheshire Dance is working with choreographer Lauren Tucker and collaborators to create this unique piece of dance.  Performed by two professional dancers and an ensemble of young people from across Cheshire, watch the story come to life as they create a synchronised display for our visitors. 

Performance times:

  • 11am – group performance at Madagascar PLAY!
  • 1pm – duet performance at Madagascar PLAY!
  • 3.30pm – group performance at Madagascar PLAY!

Each performance will last approximately 20 minutes.

The company of young people will also be at Chester Zoo to make a one-shot dance film that captures the life of flamingos which will be previewed in our Sumba School Room on Islands throughout the Wild Worlds festival.  Watch this space for more details. 

Come and see for yourself!


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