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Sat 26 May - Sun 30 Sept
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Madagascar Grasslands
Zoo admission applies

This vibrant and playful audio-visual walk through will take you on a mini sensory safari which will leave you in awe of plants!  You’ll never look at plants in the same way again!

Discover sounds and visuals created by plants!
Wander through a wooden tunnel and listen to the beautiful sounds generated by plants.

Delve into the wild worlds of Chester Zoo’s national plant collection of orchids, cacti and nepenthes with this multi-sensory, awe-inspiring delight!  Feed your curiosity and discover the extraordinary sounds plants make, which have been recorded using a number of sonic technologies and then turned into music.

The Awekids Grassland Village has been created to help cure ‘plant blindness’, revealing the fascinating and hidden lives of plants and their relationship with animals and people.  So, take your time to explore, interact and play!  Enjoy being surrounded by unique sounds, colours, and shapes and (re)discover the joy of plants!

Discover breath-taking murals, set in inspiring spaces.


Create your own plant sounds in our interactive spaces.

The Awekids Grassland Village has been created by:

Come and see for yourself!


A festival made for all of us!