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Sat 26 May - Sun 30 Sept
Opposite Eurasian black vultures
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Jump into the secret and wild world of dormice and discover more about this tiny and adorable expert in the art of sleeping!

Dormice are experts in sleeping

Inspired by the conservation work we do right here in the UK, this garden takes your ‘under the surface’ and reveals what the life of a dormouse is like through a playful and interactive installation.

Discover hidden audio and images within the installation.
Enjoy a picnic on our elevated lawn and listen out for a little surprise…

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of a dormouse and listen to some of our experts as they tell you more about their work in protecting this incredible animal.  This secretive species sleeps for three quarters of its life and is rarely awake during the day.  Through a combination of digital art, landscape design and interactive elements we want you to delve into the world of this species that lives right on our doorstep!  There’s plenty of other surprises to discover in this space too!

Zoo Ranger Workshops

You can drop in at any time during Wild Worlds – but if you’d like a more hands-on experience join our Zoo Rangers to become a mini Chester Zoo conservationist and discover the amazing work we do to protect the Hazel Dormouse. Drop in workshops are held every Monday and Thursday between 10.30am-11.30am – activities run until 31 August.

The Dormouse Garden has been created by:

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