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Jacqui Symons is an artist and designer whose work focuses on exploring perceptions and observations of the surrounding world. Jacqui has been working alongside Richard Dawson to create Arthropods; an ‘world’ for brilliant creepy crawlies!

Name(s): Jacqui Symons
Website page:
Name of ‘world’ you’ve been developing: Arthropods
We asked Jacqui about her experience working on this Wild Worlds project:

Arthropods will use garden sheds as inspiration for invertebrate homes, featuring a series of different habitats and environments to encourage a variety of insects to move into Chester Zoo and create their very own insect avenue. The pods will also feature bespoke artwork and design that provides further interest and education about insects and the wonderful species we have in the UK.

“My favourite part of the garden is the brilliant, interesting and fascinating wildlife that can be found on our own doorsteps, in our gardens and anywhere you want to look a little more closely!  I’m looking forward to engaging visitors and encouraging people to think about the wildlife in their own gardens and how to provide habitats for them. We’d love visitors to be inspired to provide habitats for wildlife in their own gardens and to take home ideas for creating their very own arthropods with their families.”

“Being a part of Wild Worlds is exciting and inspiring! In 2016, we collaborated with Chester Zoo to create a aBumblebeeabode as part of the Wildlife Connections Festival; providing nesting boxes for Bumblebees and educating people about the best plants to grow in their gardens for them. It’s been great to have the chance to work with Chester Zoo on an exciting project that highlights the amazing native species that inhabit the wonderful outside spaces there.

“My favourite animal would have to be the Trachelophorus Giraffa of course! That’s the Giraffe-necked Beetle; it’s from Madagascar so a non-native, but it’s supercool!”

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